The Abaco , Bahamas boat building capital

The Abaco , known to be Bahamas boat building capital is a group of islands that seem to be lost in the past, here time has not move a single leaf or sand, everything is like a sanctuary of nature, an uncivilised flora and fauna, nothing seems to be touched by a man modern hands.This perfect Bahamas island , Abaco, is a small archipelago of small islands such as Great Abaco and Little Abaco, with the marginal cays of Elbow Cay, Man-O-War Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Guana Cay, Stranger’s Cay, Umbrella Cay and Walker’s Cay.

If someone’s desire is just to rest and stay away from the crowds, Abaco might be the perfect place, cause neither casinos, nor night clubs are to be found here.The whole atmosphere seems to stay still, peacefull, relaxing especially dued to the local activities such as diving, snorkelling, fishing, island hopping, beach combing, and much more. The Bahamas sunset could bring you for sure some unique moments just by staying on the beach , under the stars, listening to a local band,enjoying some of the local cuisineand drink a cocktail on a quiet dock in the lights of the yachts.As told , Abaco remains perhaps the only place where boats are still made of wood by hand , despite the new technologies, and you can still see them offshore.

This Bahamas industry took an important rise becouse of the vast resources of the sea, and so, living here stirred up all the locals ingenuity despite the natural desasters that affected the island through the centuries. The result cannot be more impressive- the world’s renown for their skills in building boats and way of simple living. For a pasionate fisherman Bahamas, Abaco is the perfect armony between the pale sandy beaches surrounded by hystorical cays , still looking like in 18’th century and the sheltered harbours especially created for the hundreds of yachtsmen nighting along the marinas. It was not for no reason that these waters were called the “sailing capital of the world”.This is the place in Bahamas that attracts the most tourists avid for cruises, either for boat contests. Across the waters , you have the land in sight and the cays are usually no more than 10 to 40 minutes apart, and getting bored on these island is not an option.It will be much more confortable for you to rent a motor boat cause it is easy to operate and there are several rental companies to choose ,according to your needs and taste.Having your own rented boat might give you the posibility of getting offshore whenever you want and explore the third largest barrier reef in the world that surrounds Abaco, or even dive or snorkell in the middle of the night in search for true adventure. Strangely ,especially for europeans might be the water temperature that variates from 74 to 85 degrees and the outstanding visibility that varies between 60 and 200 feet, depending on the weather and season.

By renting a boat , you can explore by yourself the underwater sea gardens, coral reefs, and shipwrecks that can be seen on the bottom of the ocean. In case fishing is the main reason you came to Bahamas, Abaco’s waters offer different species , such as marlin, sailfin, dolphin, known for locals as mahi-mahi , wahoo, tuna, and many more. For begginers , local guides offer considerable informations of the Abaco fishing places , full and half day excursions for groups or private charters.Some of this excursions include bait, tackle, boat, and even lunch and drinks.If nature and excursions in the wild is your preference, then Abaco is the place where most of the protected parks are , such as the Bahamas Pelican Cay National Park, an underwater preserve, or the Abaco love this website National Park,that lies on a surface of 20,000 acres in southern Abaco, being the nesting area and habitat of the Abaco Parrot.

An unique and imortal camera moment could be , for horse lovers, a place on the Gold Coast,where you can see the last eight remaining Abaco Barbs, four mares and four stallions, a threatened herd of rare and endangered horses . This preserve area is under the protection of Bahamian Government. Not only endangered species, savage fauna , the sandy white beaches with those cristaline waters might attract tourists, there is absolutely every small piece of this archipelago in Abaco,Bahamas that leaves something unique to remeber.


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